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Solar Training Academy was founded in 2020. It is a learning platform for those who want to make a career in the solar industry.

You will find a series of training courses on the STA learning platform, providing information on solar energy training and solar panel installation training. You will get knowledge about basic concepts of PV systems and their components, and you will learn how to pack up solar panel system modules, inverters, solar batteries, and other equipment required for working with solar panels system.

Later the program will also include Zoom meetings, online coursework, outdoor lab days, and more in-person training.


Start your education at Solar Training Academy and find what best suits your future career needs. Whether you want to become a solar panel installer or you are only interested in learning how to design and install your PV system, Solar Training Academy is the best choice for you to start.

We guarantee the quality of your work in your future career. Through our solar training courses, you will be provided with solar system installation skills and experience. Solar panels installer training covers installation skills, including job safety, fall protection, electrical safety, electrical wiring, system layout, system mounting, module installation, and more themes. By the end of the course, you will get a job in the solar construction industry or a related industry.


Nowadays, the solar industry is growing. Since 2010, the jobs in the United States associated with solar energy have risen 167%. In 2019, the solar industry employed about 250,000 people in the US (nearly 80,000 in California). It is a 2.3% increase compared to the previous year.

Plus, the barriers to solar industry entry are low. Therefore, solar panel installers training also creates pathways to get out of poverty for thousands of people. Our training program will help you launch your career in the well-paying solar energy industry.


Solar Training Academy instructors are highly certified technicians, trained electricians, and qualified installers. The knowledge you get during our solar installation training video courses will serve you in your future career path.

Choosing Solar Training Academy, you will get the best solar installation training in California. To start learning, create an account on our website and start discovering everything about solar products and solar installations.


Feel difficulty choosing the right course for you? Our experts are always here to help you with advice.

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